"Designing for urban waterfronts requires specialized responsibilities that are at once universal and unique to each site. N&N is dedicated to the importance of sustainable planning and design. Founding Partners Diane and Charles Norris are prepared to assist our clients in devising sensitive and creative solutions that can respond to today's needs and adapt to change over time. We embrace planning for a diversity of public and private uses including maritime, commercial, historic, educational, recreational, residential, museum, exhibition, and public art challenges. We are also committed to the working waterfront, multimodal transportation, water transit, public access, climate change adaptation and meaningful community engagement.”

Norris & Norris Associates is a studio practice of waterfront planning, urban design, architecture, and visual arts based in Cambridge, MA. Since 1994, N&N has served as a specialized waterfront consultant for planning, urban design, and architectural projects. We also provide architectural design services for art spaces, residential renovations, boathouses and new construction. Charles Norris' artwork focuses on woodblock prints and photography and is included on this site. Diane Charyk Norris' artwork focuses on painting and printmaking and can be viewed at www.charyknorris.net. Our website provides an introduction to our practice and we welcome you to contact us to learn more.