Mr. Norris is an urban designer, architect, and visual artist working in the waterfront realm. He is a founding principal of Norris & Norris Associates, a planning and design practice in Cambridge, MA. which focuses on waterfront projects specializing in ferry transportation, urban waterfronts, water sheet planning, port planning, and waterfront adaptation to climate change. His partner, Diane Charyk Norris focuses on architectural design including museums, art galleries and studios, boat houses, and residential work.

As visual artists, the fluid and dynamic lure of water has long been a primary source of inspiration for both Diane and Charles Norris in bridging professional pursuits as waterfront planner/architects with personal visual expressions in photography, painting and printmaking. Their artwork has been featured in curated shows at the Danforth Museum, Chandler Gallery, Gladstone, Half Crown Design/William Henry Furniture, and at the Paul Dietrich Gallery. For Diane's work, see

Photo by Peter Vanderwarker